Integrate Communication

Ad planning: «Finding out a solution means looking at the issue like everyone else and thinking something different»

Immagineria s.r.l. runs integrated communication projects and ad planning projects. We design and implement customized ad campaigns, thoroughly selecting our media partners, thus optimising the clients’ investments.

Integrated communication

Ad planning is fundamental to take on a new ad campaign: it’s aimed at selecting the most suitable media to convey the message, defining the schedule and pinpointing the target.

Our ad campaigns are creative and dynamic, and this is a guarantee of successful projects, targeted and custom written. We are keen to satisfy your requests and we’ll help you at our best, thanks to our expertise and our reliable network of partners

Create your own ad campaign: we’ll help you to find what suits you best!

We pride ourselves on the scope of our offer: we manage well all media, ranging from press to internet, from radio to cinema and broadcasting. We deliver multi-sector, outstanding solutions, aiming at optimising our resources to have your business – either small or big – get the highest visibility.


Immagineria’s distribution network

OUR GOAL: We are eager to maintain long-term relationships with our clients. We thoroughly plan our ad campaign, always responding to market’s demands due to our preliminary study of the environment. This step is crucial to make the most out of our resources, thus enhancing the chances of our brand to succeed.