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Video production

We specialise in the realisation of any idea from conception to completion, through filming, editing, post-production, 2D/3D motion graphic design and animation, across all genres and platforms – cinema, television, the web and any device. We offer innovative solutions, both creative and technological, for institutional videos, corporates, commercials and any other promotional video; combining creativity and rationality, to communicate elegance and prestige.

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Broadcast design

Our dedication, our knowledge of the tools and technologies essential to the realisation of high quality products for cinema and television, together with the compelling communication, the creativity and the artistic talent, allow us to work with Rai, Mediaset and many other broadcasters, producing, editing and designing broadcast motion graphics such as logos, openers, bumpers, crawls, lower thirds and titles.

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Web development

We give special attention to every slightest detail designing and building static and dynamic websites conform to the W3C standards, with the certification and the validation of the XHTML and CSS codecs; also when restyling, optimizing, improving the ranking in search engines, indexing and much more.

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«It’s easy to complicate, simplifying is hard. To complicate, just add anything you wish. If you want to simplify, you have to be aware of what you need to remove»

Bruno Munari


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Alitalia day

Immagineria, in collaboration with Filmmaster Events, provided the video content for the launch of the new Alitalia uniforms, during the Alitalia Day events in Rome and Milan..

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Trailer Enigma

Immagineria created the promo for the show Enigma, from the 24th of July the most important event at Cinecittà World, the first cinema theme park in Italy.

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Banca D’Italia

mmagineria realized the video content for the ordinary meeting of Banca d’Italia on the 30th of May 2016.