Committing the design of your broadcast campaign to Immagineria, you can count on our creativity and expertise.

Immagineria srl conceives and designs logotypes, credits, opening sequences, theme songs, crawls,  titles, 2D and 3D broadcast animations. Our team features skilled graphic and video designers, whose contribution was worthy for the success of some relevant Italian Tv shows.

We devote ourselves to the design and production of the videos broadcasted, and we guarantee

you that your product will be finished to the highest standard, within the agreed time frame and to budget.

Broadcast design and video production are our strong point!

grafica televisiva - Immagineria
Focusing on the broadcasting industry, Immagineria srl provides a wide range of creative and technological solutions. Our skills encompass 2D and 3D animation, video editing, motion graphic and compositing.

We can design a wide array of graphic effects, suitable to be displayed on the screen as well as on the stage backdrop (logotypes, credits, opening sequences, crawls, titles, backdrops, matte painting).

We devote our time and passion to create high standard products. Don’t hesitate if you want to get the best performance out of your business. Commercials are essential to spread your message, your beliefs and emotions. They has to be moving and captivating, to catch the viewer’s attention. We can design original, eye-catching ads that perfectly suits your needs, thus enhancing your corporate identity.